These updates are a long time coming. The last updates occured March, 2013. Since then, we have been e-mailing notifications to our regular students and customers on our e-mail list. We hope these updates stop the rumors that we are no longer providing classes even though we have cut our class times from 8 to 10 per months to just 4 per month.

Our location at: 11661 Martens River Circle, Unit A, Fountain Valley, CA 92708, is easy to find, just off Newhope one block north of Slater. Hope you will visit soon. The classroom and display of fabrics and kits seems to be working well.

Projects: We have also changed our class format. Apparently, all our students have many UFO's in their cupboards, boxes, rubbermaid, tupperware, etc. We no longer offer classes addressing just one project. We are presenting a number of projects and kits and keep adding to this list as time permits. Students may sign up for any or all of the current projects or past projects and attend any class for additional help or just come in a socialize. Our detailed instructions will insure any student will be able to complete the projects whether they do it right away or sometime in the future. Refer to the Classes page for class times, current project and future project descriptions. We have also incuded projects in development.

Thanks to all our customers and students who have made it possible to continued to offer class tines and interesting projects.

Note: If you haven't been receiving our e-mails, please provide a current e-mail address., If you want to be taken off our list, please let us know.

Software: As many of are still working with 5D, we are thinking about scheduling a 5D software class, refreshing techniques, We will need your input as to whether you want an evening class or a Sundau afternoon.

Class Policy. E-mails will be sent to our regular students the Monday before a week-end class. Please respond by Wednesday before the class. We need to have at least 5 students to holkd the class times. 'When you sign up for a class and don't provide at least 48 hours notice that you will not be attending, you will be charged. Reminder: All designs for any class must be purchased from the licensed owner prior to class.

Customer Service. The top of the line sewing/embroidery machines are becoming more expensive and more complicated. When deciding what machine and what dealer to purchase a machine from, take care. Consider the size of the machine and how easy it will be to take to classes. Customer Service and education is also very important. The more complicated the machines, the more care is needed to keep them running efficiently. We have talked with so many customers who are unhappy with their purchase of their machine and the lack of customer care and instruction available once the transaction is completed. Do not get caught up in the heat of the moment, if the deal is good, it will still be good after you have taken the time to do your research. Deals including "free stuff" are not always the best. It is a buyers market. We recommend Pollard's Sew Creative when considering the purchase of a Pfaff product. We have purchased in excess of ten machines from them and find their customer service without fault. Bill, Marcia, Jenny, and the rest of the staff want their customers to be happy and use their machines to the fullest.
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