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What's New:

Classes Times

Weekday Sew.This activity is scheduled on the first,and third Wednesday of each month. Anyone is welcome to attend the weekday sew. Finish a project presented at the store or start a new store project. Instructor is available for help. This is a great opportunity to get out of the house and get something done without interruptions. Class Fee $25.00 per session.
Wednesday, October 5, and 19, 2016.
Wednesday, November 2 and 16, 2016.
Wednesday, December 7 and 21, 2016.
11:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Friday Sew. The first Friday has been set aside to allow our customers to complete unfinished projects or start new projects. Please reserve your seat. The class fee is $35.00.
Saturdays: October 7, November 4, and December 2, 2016
4:30 pm am to 10:30 pm

Saturday Sew. The third Saturday of each month will be set aside to complete unfinished projects, start new projects or get help planning your own project. We will occasionally schedule technique demonstration during the first two hours of the morning session. Class fee $35.00.
Saturdays: October 15, November 19, and December 17, 2016
11:00 am to 4:30 pm

Current Projects. Note: If you want a flyer which contains color pictures of the project just send an e-mail to leeanne@fun2sew.com.

Animal Adventure. Designs by Anita Goodesigns. there are 15 animals consisting of 6 blocks each. Using the 7-3/8" squares the project will mesasure 72" x 80" without borders. We also prepared kits for just the peek a boo blocks which most if you have received, Finishing instructions are available..

Seahorse Fantasy. We still have 2 kits available for this project. Kits come with background fbric, fusible fkeece an applique fabric, These BFC designs make this oroject come akice.

Fairy World by BFC. There are six of the scenes. In addition to the Fairy World Entrance, there are Cloud Makers, Leaf Makers, Rain Makers, Snow Makers, and Wind Gatherers.

Approach of the Three Kings by BFC. You will learn a lot of different tenchniques making this Art Quilt, /the background is created first fusing 4 colors of organza to batik and then placing background embroidery the three king designs on top. We used three borders. For those of you wanting a smaller project, we designed a 3 King Banner. Full size project measures approximately 71" wide x 52" tall. The banner project measures 38" wide x 30" tall.

BFC Wild Turkey. Designs by BFC-Creations.

Sheer Magic. 36 BFC designs were used from 4 difference design collections. Only 4 thread colors used abd we offered this opriject in six coor variations. Finished project measures 95" x 105".

Fairy Tree House. This project started out using six designs from BFC Sally King'sCottages. Then we found the designs from Kreative Kiwi which created the tree house. We willl needed needed 8 additional designs to complete the outer border and found them also on the Kreative Kiwi site. Finished project measures 61" x 74".
www.kreativekiwiembroidery.co.nz/product/1317027 "Large Fairy Treehouse"
www.kreativekiwiembroidery.co.nz/product/71139 "Fairys"

Boy Tree House. We couldn't let the girls have allk the fun. When Kreative Kiwi released the Boy Tree House we jumped all over that. We added designs from Roberta's Creations and Cuddle Me Crazy to complete the outer border. Finished project measures 61" x 74".
www.oregonpatchworks.com/ "Cuddle Me Crazy CMC058 Boy's Sports
www.robertascreations.com "Oh Boy"

Coastal Village. Ananda's Divine Designs were used for this project, Origginally this project was distributed with just four buikdings, Subsequwntly Ananda released a fourth row "Coastal Dockside". With borders the project measures 38-1/4" wide x 28-1/2" tall. The kits for thhe additional designs are available..
www.secretsof.com/machine-embroidery/designs/anandas-divine-designs/coastal village

Tropical Boulevard. Project features Ananda's Divine Designs. Many of you purchased a portion of this project. We receivced the additional designs and have completed the fabric kits for the fourth row "Tropical Park". This project should measure 45" wide x 22" long without borders.

Snowman Tree Skirt. Project features Ananda's Divine Designs. Frame your Chirstmas tree or use as a centerpiece with this festive snowman skirt. We used detailed holiday prints and glittery snow fabrics for exceptional applique results, The project is made up of 12 panels each consisting if 3 individuak designs. We omitted the final satin stitch used to join the pieces and stitched using a 1/8" seam allowance. Finished size is 32" in diameter.

Fuchsia Fantasy. Designs by Kenny Kreations. This was the easiest quilt I have ever pieced, The finished quilt measures appoximately 92" x 103". The quilt is completed first and then candlewicking and trellis designs are added.
www.kennykreations.com/candlewick kkcwfuchsias collection

Future Projects. Note: If you want a flyer which contains color pictures of the project just send an e-mail to leeanne@fun2sew.com.

Halloween Mug Rugs and Placemats

Thanksgiving Snackmats

Route 66. Designs by Ananda's Divine Designs

BFC Ocean Fantasy. Designs by BFC-Creations

BFC Free Standing Autumn Wreath. Designs by BFC Creations

BFC Quilt in the Hoop Crazy Patch Christmas Tree. Designs by BFC Creations

In development. Note: No pictures available yet.



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